Anna Burova

HR consultant, coach, speaker, author

Anna Burova
HR consultant, coach, speaker, author
My expertise
Professional Potential. Assessment and development of managers' potential. Building a career at different lifestages. Career within the organization. Career of an entrepreneur, freelancer. Consulting as a career path. Career after 50. Professional development in the second half of life.

HR management in the organization.

Optimization of HR system and HR processes.

Audit of HR system and processes.

Qualification of managers in the field of HR management.

Career management in the company.

Specifics of career after 50. Professional development in the second half of life. Assessment of Career Potential and entering new tasks after 50. Self-realization or job search — which is more important. Why a resume doesn't matter. How to believe in yourself. Whether ageism exists and how to overcome it.
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Expert in people in business
I am a psychologist, consultant on HR management, assessment and development of managers' potential, career management, professional potential.
Education - Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University, MBA in Strategic Management. Additional theological education.

Since 2015 — Head of HR consulting at Manpower Russia & CIS. Experience in the profession since 1990. For 6 years I worked as HR Director in large organizations and tested the effectiveness of management theories on my personal experience. My main experience is in consulting: Manpower (Right Management / Talent Solutions), ECOPSI/RHR International, Strategy Partners, Ward Howell.
Работала с менеджерами международных и локальных компаний из различных отраслей. В России, Казахстане, Узбекистане, Армении, Грузии, Европе, Америке и Сингапуре. Видела взлеты и вызовы людей на разных этапах карьеры. Содействовала личному успеху и успеху организаций.
Since 2014, I have been focusing on the assessment and development of professional potential. I am constantly advising people on career management issues, and I am confident in the effectiveness of my advice in practice. I help organizations to increase staff engagement and motivation through career conversationь and HR optimization. In recent years I have been studying in-depth the issues of 50+ careers. I have authored more than 50 publications.
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